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Champion Info

Congratulations to the Spelling Champions of all schools who will participate in the Inland Valley Regional Spelling Bee! You may now consider yourselves among the best spellers in Southern California.

You either have, or will receive a confirmation of your registration and an invitation to participate in the IVRSB qualifying Spelling Bee. Either you or one of your fellow school champions will win the IVRSB, and will represent the Inland Valley at the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington D.C.

But first you must prevail at Mt SAC, and become the Champion Speller of the IVRSB.


School champions will receive an invitation to participate in the IVRSB preliminary rounds. An email will be sent to the school coordinator, confirming the school champion’s invitation, and assigning each champion to a specific group, designated by a color. School Champions will report to the Mt San Antonio College Design Technology Center (DTC). See the map here. The DTC is building 13. Those driving to this competition should park in Student Parking Lot M, accessible from Mountaineer Road, and Edinger Way.

You should report to the DTC between 7:30 am, and 7:45 am , and find the sign-in table in the lobby. You will receive your IVRSB T Shirt, and your commemorative pin. At that time, you will also draw a random number, which will be used to assign the word you will spell in the oral spelling venue.

When spellers have completed their check in, they should find a seat in their reserved section of the main auditorium of the DTC. Please note that spellers are not allow to bring any paper, pencil, pen, recording device, or any type of communication device into the testing venues. No cell phones, pagers, etc. All materials necessary for the speller to participate will be provided, including answer sheets, and pencils. The Preliminary competition should take approximately three and a half hours.

Parents are welcome to watch the oral spelling venue only. Only spellers and Bee Staff will be allowed to enter the written testing venues for spelling and vocabulary. Parents, teacher, and other spectators may stay to watch all spellers, or they may leave the auditorium and return when their champion is competing in the oral spelling round. Please note, we will close the doors to the auditorium during the competition, so as to not disturb the spellers while they are competing.

For those late comers, the check in tables will remain open until all spellers have checked in, or until five minutes past the scheduled start time for the bee (9:00 am). After the 5 minute grace period, we will start the spelling bee. If you have not checked in, you will be automatically disqualified, and will not be able to compete.


When school champions receive their confirmation of registration, each speller will be assigned to a group.The preliminary rounds of the competition will be held in the morning of March 5th, 2016. Finalists will be determined on how well each speller does in three separate rounds of activities. Finalist will be announced immediately following the lunch hour.

The Grand Finals will begin in the afternoon on March 5, 2016. Finalists will then compete in a classical oral spelling competition, where spelling words will be addressed to the speller, and if the speller does not answer correctly, he or she will leave the competition. This will continue until only one speller is left, and that speller will be declared the IVRSB Champion.



This will be a written test, where the pronouncer will provide a word, answer questions concerning the word, and then allow thirty seconds for the speller to write the word on an answer sheet. Spellers will receive one point for each word they spell correctly.


This will be a written test. This is a new requirement for this competition. The tentative format for this venue will be a multiple choice test. The number of questions for this venue has not been determined. Each question in this venue will be worth 2 points. Here is an example of the vocabulary test.

Example written vocabulary question

1. Another word for infringe is?

  1. Violate
  2. Embroider
  3. Neglect

“A” is the correct answer.


In this venue, each speller will be given a word to spell by a pronouncer. The speller will then orally spell the word. If the speller spells correctly, he or she will earn 3 points.

At the end of all 3 preliminary rounds, the spellers’ combined score from each venue will be computed. The spellers with the top 30 scores will be declared finalists, and will advance to the final rounds of the IVRSB on March 5th, 2016.